The Biopsychosocial Model of Influences

Psychological Disorders That May Create Empathetic Deficiencies

Understanding the humanity in any mental disorder is key to understanding how to cope with it. All of the mental disorders listed cause
a lack of emotional intelligence spanning a wide spectrum (from mild to serious). These disorders are suffered by many individuals
throughout the general population. Combined estimates indicate that 1:5 people are affected by a diagnosable mental disorder.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of stigmas and stereotypes, many people try to “shrug off,” minimize or outright deny their condition.
Some will try to rationalize the problem by identifying themselves (perhaps humorously) as “just a jerk.”

{The noblest thing in any individual with a mental illness is the effort they put into subjugating their condition.
The utmost pride and admiration must go to the caretakes of those who suffer as well as those who
suffer but restrain themselves from harming others.}


Types of Bullies

A systematic bully is the worst kind. They pick a victim and work on them over a long period,
enjoying the power they build over them as they destroy their victim’s self-esteem.

Systematic bullies can be very subtle and sneaky and may get their dirty work done by others,
while ensuring the victim knows who is in charge and that they are powerless to do anything about it.

Hidden Forms Emotional & Psychological Abuse

Any target may be subjected to one or many of these methods - in conjunction with each other.

- Spy Apps --- Physical & Virtual Traffic Monitoring

- Harassment Hardware --- 2-Way Audio & Visual

- Hacking --- Information Theft & Fraud


Logical Fallcies

Illustration of Community Bullying

Link To Illustration of Community Bullying
Link To Illustration of Community Bullying